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As a Health Care Provider, it’s often one challenging thing after another:

  • Proper documentation and coding of the procedures you perform
  • Capturing that documentation in an Electronic Health Record compatible with your external constituencies
  • Billing those coded procedures in a timely, efficient and complete manner
  • Ensuring your billed amounts are paid thoroughly and completely
  • Understanding how YOUR PRACTICE will fit into the world of the Affordable Care Act
  • Taking care of your patients?

This is just a sampling of the issues you face every day.
Your practice may not face challenges in each of these areas, however,
ALL are important to remaining viable in today’s challenging healthcare environment.


MedComm Billing Consultants has been offering complete practice and reimbursement management for Health Care Providers for over 20 years. This includes a wide variety of specialties, but with emphasis on Anesthesiology and Surgical Specialties.

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, MedComm offers highly personalized service and regular support in a timely fashion. Yet, through our experienced personnel and sophisticated client base, we can address almost any issue you are likely to face. Which allows you to focus on what you need to do every day—taking care of patients.