4 Reasons to Outsource Medical Billing

One of the main questions that practitioners have to consider is whether or not to outsource medical billing? Many assume that they will lose control of their practice and decide to try an in-house medical billing option instead. However, they often discover that there are some serious drawbacks to attempting to do their own medical billing and outsourcing is actually more efficient. Below are 4 common reasons to outsource your medical billing.

Improper Staff Communication

Typically a day in a practitioner’s office can be very busy and as it should, accounts receivable, often take a backseat to patient care. However, poor communication or lack thereof, between practitioners and staff can lead to missed claims, missed co-pays and an overall decrease in payments for the office.

Poorly Trained Staff

Oftentimes when a practitioner decides to go with an in-house medical billing option they opt to hire someone to just simply operate medical billing software. They soon discover that it’s not that simple after all and working with a company who is highly trained to provide medical billing solutions. Poorly trained staff leads to coding errors, incorrect data entry and costly mistakes. Outsourcing your medical billing is the best option.

Improper Workflow System

Without a proper workflow system in place many important things can slip through the cracks. A proper workflow system ensures that staff always checks patient eligibility and missing charges as well as follows up on claims in a timely manner. However, it can be very challenging to establish a proper workflow system through an in-house billing option.

Increased Payments

One of the primary and probably most beneficial reasons to outsource medical billing is increased payments. With all of the above-mentioned in place through a great medical billing partner, practitioners can increase payments while decreasing bad debt write-offs.