• What do you enjoy most about working for MedComm?

    The environment, my coworkers and the flex time. The people here are very friendly which makes for a positive work environment. The ladies on my team are the best people I have ever worked with. They make me enjoy coming to work everyday. They all have helped me grow and obtain a better understanding on things when I struggle. The flex time that is offered is also a great benefit to have.

  • How does MedComm make you feel valued as an employee?

    By always acknowledging my hard work, accomplishments, opinions, and birthday.

  • How long have you been working at MedComm?

    Since July 2016.

  • What professional values are most important to you?

    Work ethic, efficiency, and being on time every day.

  • During your tenure with MedComm, how have you developed in your career?

    I have grown significantly. After learning my position as the Coding Administrative Assistant, I was encouraged by my boss and coworkers to earn my CPC credentials, which I received in August 2017. The past seven months I have been training for a higher position on the team as an auditor.

  • What is the most important aspect of your job?

    To be very detail oriented and do good, quality work.

  • During your tenure with MedComm, what are 3 career lessons you’ve learned?

    Keep up with your CEUs because things are always updating/changing, work hard toward your goals, and be open to learning new things.

  • What is your personal mantra?

    Be the reason someone smiles today. I love making people smile or laugh, it makes my day.

  • You’re happiest when…?

    When I am home spending time with my husband and dog.

  • Name 3 interesting things about you that your co-workers might now know.

    I met my husband online, I can play the trumpet, and I love to cook.