Billing issues are a big patient complaint

Did you know that customer service and billing issues rank at the top of the list of patient complaints? It’s not a lack of medical expertise, diagnosis or treatment, but disorganized operations and poor communication, especially regarding their bills.

A recent study of online reviews of physicians indicated that 19 of 20 patients are extremely dissatisfied with front desk operations of medical providers. They noted that excessive wait times, poor bedside manners and more importantly, billing played an integral role in their unsatisfactory reviews.

A problem like this can typically exist when medical offices are short staffed and attempting to wear too many different hats. When physicians have to worry or micromanage staff regarding the business side of patient care, things like customer service tend to fall through the cracks. Oftentimes, physicians believe that as long as they are providing exceptional or effective medical care, nothing else matters. Apparently, however, this is not the case. In order for a patient to have an overall satisfactory visit, they need for the staff to be warm, enthusiastic and attentive and provide accurate information regarding their bill.

One of the ways this can be achieved is by partnering with a medical billing company to help support your existing staff. While you and your staff focus on patient care, MedComm can help with things like revenue cycle management, compliance, coding, contracting and more. Partnering with a company like MedComm can help alleviate the stress on the back-end so you and your staff can give your best to your patients on the front-end.

It is important for medical providers to understand that expectations of care is so much more than providing a diagnosis and treatment. From front desk greetings to accurate billing, patients want to know that they matter in every sense of the word.