Common misconceptions of outsourcing medical billing


I won’t be in control of my revenue

This misconception is probably at the top of the list for practitioners as many fear being totally at the mercy of a medical billing company. However, this can’t be furthest from the truth. A great medical billing company partners with you to help you control your revenue. Your success is in their best interest and they work with you to help you achieve it.

I will have limited or restricted access to data and reports

When you work with a great medical billing partner like MedComm Billing Consultants they will be sure to routinely share reports with you. Additionally, our company is privately owned and closely controlled which means you get direct access to the owners and swiftly reached decisions. The job of a great medical billing partner is to not only make sure your medical billing process is effective, but it is to keep you informed as well. They should provide detailed reports, update any payment statuses immediately and be available to discuss any issues or concerns.

I don’t want to violate any HIPPA policies

Typically, medical billing partners share information with you through a secure encrypted online system to ensure that they don’t violate any HIPPA guidelines.

It’s way too costly

Most medical billing partners charge a reasonable percentage of each claim and it’s very affordable for practitioners. As a matter of fact, most practitioners have expressed that partnering with a medical billing company has actually saved them money. Without a skilled medical back-end staff like medical billers and coders, practitioners can experience so many challenges maintaining revenue. By outsourcing medical billing practitioners can be assured of less coding errors, timely follow up on claims and more debt write-offs, which ultimately leads to increased revenue.