• What do you enjoy most about working for MedComm?

    I really enjoy being in a Team Lead position. I work for an amazing group of anesthesiologists and have developed a good rapport with many of them. I feel they trust me to take care of their billing, as well any concerns I have. I am also able to call them and get decisive answers. My team does an exceptional job along with my manager, Kay Zwicker. These doctors have stayed with MedComm for almost 10 years. I feel that says a lot not only for me and my team but MedComm as a whole.

    MedComm offers many great benefits. The ability to have flexible works schedules for employees is a big plus. In addition, they offer profit sharing and are very flexible when you have to take time off. I was the primary caregiver to my mom for several years. She became very ill and passed away last December during the holidays. I was told to take whatever time I needed to take care of my mom. This is our busiest time of the year and I was amazed by the support of all my co-workers and management who stepped in while I was out. The COO, Carla Carter, stepped in to help post payments and keep the ball rolling. She is a very special lady who never fails to step in and help no matter what the situation might be. I’ve seen her do it many times. That means a lot to me as an employee. MedComm does its best to take care of employees in a time of need.

  • How does MedComm make you feel valued as an employee?

    The management team is always willing to listen to whatever concerns you may have. They have told us many times their doors are always open if there is an issue to resolve. I know they care about all of us and want to do whatever they can to make us succeed in our positions. If there is any additional training that may be required or needed, MedComm’s training staff, Managers, Team Leads or other experienced staff will take extra time to help you learn and become better and more confident in your position. I have heard it said many times, “if you need anything, please let us know.” As long as I have been here I know they sincerely mean it.

  • How long have you worked for MedComm?

    I have worked for MedComm for 9 1/2 wonderful years. Back in 2008, I was hired as a Team Lead. The billing staff was already in place so I had a bit of a challenge to rally my team together to form a very cohesive team. I have 37 years of medical billing experience. I started out as a very young lady doing emergency room billing for 2 local hospitals back in 1980. In 1988 I moved forward working for another billing company in Columbus as a Billing Supervisor. In 1998 I found a new opportunity working for a billing company in Dayton working for an anesthesia group. I worked remotely in Columbus for 6 years and 4 additional years of that out of my home. After 10 years their doors closed after being sold and I was fortunate enough to come full circle to MedComm, who primarily did anesthesia billing at the time. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to stay with anesthesia billing for so long. I truly love the client I service and the wonderful, dedicated team and manager I have.

  • What professional values are most important to you?

    There are several things that I value. First and foremost people should be happy coming to work, enjoy what they are doing, and put forth a strong effort to succeed. Secondly, it is important to come to work on time, and as I say, “if you’re early you’re on time, if you’re on time you’re late.” Finally, if you can’t get along with your neighbors, then it’s time to move on. I want a team that works hard together and understands the missions and goals of MedComm. Servicing our client in the most professional way and keeping them informed and up to date of any major changes that take place is vitally important. They are why we are here.

  • During your tenure with MedComm, how have you developed in your career?

    I feel MedComm has given me the opportunity to stand on my own and to do what is right. I have my manager, Kay Zwicker, to thank for that along with the founder of MedComm, Peggy Krieger, prior to her retirement. They have been amazing mentors to me and have always been willing to give suggestions and help me take a diplomatic approach to situations. I feel that I am respected by my team and peers. I feel I take time to listen more without making hasty decisions and I’m not afraid to ask my peers for help or their input. MedComm has put their faith in me to do a great job in servicing our anesthesia group and that means a lot to me.

  • During your tenure with MedComm, what are 3 career lessons you’ve learned?

    • In difficult situations, let management take the lead or give advice.
    • Try to find the best attributes in each individual employee and utilize those skills to make our team successful.
    • Make each team member realize they have an important role and praise them for a job well done.

  • What is the most important aspect of your job?

    The most important aspect of my job is communication with my team. I feel I do my best to know where we are at with charges, payments, and tasks that need to take place each week so we stay on track to close on time.

  • What is your personal mantra?

    Be kind to others.

  • You are happiest when .. ?

    Lounging on the beach with a fruity drink without a care in the world!

  • Name 3 interesting things about you that your co-workers might not know.

    • I have a twin brother.
    • I grew up in the city, but for the last 16 years I’ve lived out in the country on 5 acres.
    • I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 19 years ago. I have learned to live with chronic pain and with medication that keeps it under control.