• What do you enjoy most about working for MedComm?

    I like working at Medcomm because of the family-like atmosphere and the ability to have flexibility in my work schedule.

  • How does MedComm make you feel valued as an employee?

    Medcomm shows that they value us as an employee by allowing us to leave early on Fridays, choose our schedules, and have flexibility. That is not something that you can find with many employers. They try to let us know when we are doing a good job. If you need to be off because of a sick child they realize that it happens and are understanding when these things come up.

  • How long have you been working at MedComm?

    I have been here for 8 years.

  • What professional values are most important to you?

    Compassion and caring is most important to me. I believe that you must have these values to be successful not only at work but in life. You should be compassionate to others and care about them and their feelings. A good work ethic, and accountability would have to be next. This includes being able to be told you are wrong and being able to accept it, work on it, and improve.

  • How has MedComm helped you in your career development?

    Medcomm has given me billing experience in four different specialties. I came here right out of college with no billing experience. I am always learning something new even 8 years later.

  • What are 3 career lessons you’ve learned at MedComm?

    • You have to be open to change
    • You will never be done learning
    • Think outside of the box

  • What is the most important aspect of your job?

    Coming in and doing the best that I can do everyday, using all of my knowledge to complete tasks, and prioritize my time to be the most productive that I can be.

  • What is your personal mantra?

    “We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do!”

  • You’re happiest when…?

    I feel successful in what I do. This includes at work and at home. I am very family-oriented and when I am around my family I feel happy.

  • Name 3 interesting things about you that your co-workers might not know.

    • I love to camp and ride 4-wheelers
    • I was an only child growing up
    • I love butterflies