• What do you enjoy most about working for MedComm?

    I appreciate the open door policy of management at MedComm. There is always someone available to reach out to when you have a question. It is very much a team environment. I recently had to take time off for surgery and everyone on my team stepped up without hesitation to take on additional duties to help cover while I was off. I also like the flexible work schedule and casual work attire.

  • How does MedComm make you feel valued as an employee?

    It’s nice that Todd and Carla take the time to get to know all of the employees face-to-face during meetings and company outings. Management listens to concerns and they are always open to ideas to help workflow and productivity.

  • How long have you been working at MedComm?

    I started working for Anesthesiology Management Services in 2002. I transitioned to MedComm in 2014 when they took over the billing for AMS.

  • What professional values are most important to you?

    Honesty, dependability, trustworthiness and being a team player are professional values that are very important to me. I try to lead by setting an example for others. I don’t expect anything out of others that I wouldn’t do for myself.

  • During your tenure with MedComm, how have you developed in your career?

    I became Team Lead shortly after joining MedComm. This position has helped me develop a more rounded understanding of the entire billing process from electronic claims, charge entry, payment posting and AR. This position also forced me to step out of my comfort zone and be more active in group meetings.

  • During your tenure with MedComm, what are 3 career lessons you’ve learned?

    I feel that being flexible is very important to any position, there are always changes and better ways of doing things, so it’s important to be able to adapt. Nobody is perfect and mistakes are going to happen. It’s important to learn from them and move on. Take time to listen to others and work together as a team; much more can be accomplished when we all work together.

  • What is the most important aspect of your job?

    The most important aspect of my job is being accurate and timely. I process all of the daily electronic claims and ERA files; download deposits and process month-end balancing and reports. When others depend on these tasks to be done it’s important to be as efficient as possible.

  • What is your personal mantra?

    Work hard and leave every job better than you found it. Don’t give up.

  • You’re happiest when…?

    I’m happiest when I’m outside. My husband and I walk at least five miles every day, we like going to area parks and taking time to stop and smell the roses. I love being creative; I am most relaxed when I’m “crafting.”

  • Name 3 interesting things about you that your co-workers might now know.

    I am an identical twin. I’ve traveled to almost all of the lower 48 states. I’m much more adventurous than most people think I am. In the last couple of years I have gone skydiving with my daughter when she graduated from college, I swam with sharks in the Exuma Islands and I explored underground caves in Mexico in freezing cold water with bats and snakes – that just about pushed me over the edge.