Hand & Microsurgery Associates provides care of the hand and upper extremities, and recently expanded services to include shoulder and knee reconstruction. I have been employed at HMA since 1997. In 2013, HMA began reorganizing its business structure and partnerships. Due to the increase in regulations and complexity of medical billing, we decided to outsource billing services. Our practice management vendor referred MedComm and Todd Walker. I contacted Todd the day before Thanksgiving 2013 and he organized a meeting the day after Thanksgiving. What more can I say? A company willing to meet me over the holiday weekend and problem-solve my corporate reorganization was all I needed.

It simply demonstrated commitment and partnership. These two qualities continue to remain consistent today. Within a few weeks, Todd and his staff evaluated our practice, implemented a new practice management system (Todd helped negotiate our favorable contract), educated our staff, reorganized our practice, and began our medical billing. In addition, MedComm helped us organize our relationship with a professional employment organization. If that wasn’t enough, Todd identified an interim administrator that promoted the continued evolution of HMA. The interim administrator trained our staff and identified our current administrator. This company identified each of our needs, and then provided guidance and recommendations that matched our needs.

I am sure that Todd and his staff can handle almost any problem related to a medical office, and if not, this company is capable of identifying a resource to solve any problem. Although I have developed many great relationships over the past 20 years, MedComm has repeatedly demonstrated the following qualities I find to be unique: partnership, integrity, available, and open-minded.

Paul Cook, MD

This is my first executive position in healthcare, and I needed to learn a lot fast when I started over two years ago. MedComm was already working with Hand and Microsurgery Associates, and I found out quickly that I was going to learn a great deal from Todd, Carla and their team. We were using another billing company for another line of business, and it was immediately evident that MedComm stood head and shoulders above this charge processing company.

I am not sure what took us so long to decide to move all business lines to MedComm. When we moved the lines, our reimbursement rate immediately improved as our AR declined. They are superior in their reporting, analysis, communication, teamwork and transparency. As CEO/CFO of Hand and Microsurgery Associates, I rely on the fact that Todd, Carla and their team at MedComm not only want to process my charges for billing, but they want to help us improve every area of our practice.

From front-desk process flow analysis to understanding physician productivity and reimbursement, they are a valued advisor and business partner in every aspect of our practice, and we are better for it.
Dana Winegarner, CEO/CFO of Hand and Microsurgery Associates

Consultant Anesthesiologists, Inc. (CAI) is a 31 physician private anesthesia practice located in Columbus Ohio. In 2014, CAI chose to merge its wholly owned and operated billing company with MedComm to combine efficiencies and expertise. The transition to MedComm was seamless and we did not experience any delay in processing or collections. At a time when ICD 10 was being implemented, we found the MedComm staff to be very prepared and informative in helping to train our providers with regard to the documentation necessary to aid the coders. In addition, they have been extremely helpful in keeping us updated with the ever-changing CMS performance measure requirements.

Medical groups choose MedComm as a partner due to their billing and compliance expertise as well as their depth in overall industry knowledge. Response time to questions and requests is quick and the staff is always pleasant and willing to help. One of our biggest concerns in making a change was whether MedComm would continue to go after the AR as efficiently and as effectively as we did ourselves and we are very pleased. Secondary insurance is pursued as strongly as primary and we have seen steady collection percentages. The billing and collection information is very transparent and detailed in our monthly reporting.

Todd’s industry experience is a true asset and we appreciate our partnership with MedComm. MedComm provides complete revenue cycle management which allows our physicians to practice medicine while feeling confident that the billing and collection side of things is run efficiently and effectively.

Brandi Kondracke, CEO, Consultant Anesthesiologists, Inc.

I am Ronald Siegle, M.D., CEO of a 10 provider practice in Westerville. Until 2012. We always did our billing in-house and had excellent net collections. However, after years of increasing regulations and challenging compliance issues, we realized we needed to outsource our billing to a professional. I had known Todd Walker for 20 years as a consultant long before he joined MedComm. His broad skill set, thoroughness, integrity and problem-solving skills as well as his excellent references, left no doubt that we should hire MedComm. We have been thrilled with the results and this includes a seamless introduction of electronic medical records and nurse practitioners, both of which he facilitated. We are comforted by our still high net collections, the timeliness with which bills are submitted,and appreciative of how our patients are treated by his staff. The monthly reports are extensive and easy to understand. He is always willing to go above and beyond for additional requests that I might have and has worked side-by-side with me as we negotiated with insurance companies.

In closing, his company performs at the highest level. I have referred a number of other practices to him and do so with total confidence. We are most fortunate to have him in charge of our billing.
Ronald Siegle, MD

My name is Brett A. Wheeler, MD, and I am the president of Doctors Anesthesia Services of Columbus. In my tenure as president we have had four billing and management companies. We switched over to MedComm and Comprehensive Healthcare Advisors almost 10 years ago. This was primarily facilitated by several close friends who were also using the firm. My first impression was the transition was smooth, efficient, and very professional. I was shocked by the follow through and attention to detail. They have helped us in our contract negotiations and dramatically decreased our time in accounts receivable. What impressed me the most about Todd Walker and his team are the close personal relationships between he and his team have with other key stakeholders in our community, such as other physician groups, hospitals, insurance companies, HR consultants and accounting firms. He has helped take our group to another level by making each area stronger. This has been done by bringing in the best teams of people to fit our needs. The MedComm team’s greatest attributes are trust, professionalism, and follow through. I would highly recommend them to any practice looking to improve.

Brett A. Wheeler MD, President Doctors Anesthesia Services of Columbus

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